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Ava Gen 2 Wireless Hands-Free Cup Breast Pump

RM 388 (Single Unit)
RM 759 (Double Unit)


Product Details

  • Colour : White

  • Brand : Youha

  • Pump Pressure : 10 Levels

  • Type : Wireless Hands-free Cup Breast Pump



  • Go invisible with YOUHA AVA, wireless tubeless breast pump!

  • YOUHA AVA funnels size available in 24mm OR 28mm(both come in one set).

  • The material of the cup same as YOUCUP, silicone funnel with PP cup.

  • The milk capacity is 5oz each cup

  • The breast pump comes with 3 modes (massage, expression & mix mode) and each mode have 10 levels

  • The battery can be used for 2- 3 hours when in use. Approx 4 - 6 session

  • Battery capacity is 1200 mAh

  • Suction strength:150mmhg~270mmhg

  • 1-year warranty  + Warranty Plus+ Plan



  • One to One Exchange
    If our product malfunction due to manufacturing defects within the warranty period, we’ll exchange a new unit for you!

  • Unlimited Warranty
    We accept any kind of warranty including backflow issue with no extra charges.

  • Battery Insurance
    Our battery covered by insurance to protect you and your device.

  • Genuine Parts
    Only genuine & authentic Youha parts will be used to maintain device performance.

  • Customer Service
    Our customer service is ready to assist you!(Mon - Sat / 8am - 6pm).

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