Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q : When I'm using YOUCUP, why backflow issue is happen and my milk flow into the the tubing?
A : There are few reason on backflow issues and how you can avoid it. 

1.) Do no bend forward or recline while using YOUCUP and avoid excessive movement.
     This could cause leakage, loss of suction and milk to flow into tubing.
     (refer to user's guide page 3)

2.) Do not overfill YOUCUP as this will cause milk flow into tubing as well.
     (refer to user's guide page 3)

3.) Place your YOUCUP tubing in the 12 o'clock position.
     (refer to user's guide page 7)

4.) Place your YOUCUP in correct position, do not bent or pinched off. Bra fit is crucial to the proper use of this device.
     Your bra must keeps the cups in an upright position.
     No allow the device to slip around, sag downward, or tilt off to the side during use.
     (refer to user's guide page 7)

For more info on how to use our YOUCUP, please read the user's guide provided. Thank you!

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