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YOUHA® Trade Mark &

Brand Policy

Welcome to Youha’s Trademark and Brand Policy page. We’re stoked that you’ve discovered the versatile ways that Youha’s breast pump and warmer and accessories (“breastfeeding devices”) allow you to express breast milk, manage, share, and enjoy your breastfeeding journey in new and innovative ways. Below you’ll find our guidelines, so that you can interact with the Youha brand correctly.

Usage Guidelines

Youha’s trademarks and trade dress are protected internationally, and may not be used without our written permission. Youha’s trademarks include, but are not limited to, Youha, our Youha logo, our Youha slogan, and other graphics, phrases or images that identify the source or origin of Youha’s product and services. Do not alter or modify the marks or use them in a confusing way that suggests that Youha sponsors or endorses you or your products or services, or confuses the Youha brand with another brand.

You may use our Youha wordmarks (such as Youha and Youha support your breastfeeding journey, but not our logos) in truthful and factual statements to communicate: (1) that your product is “made for use with” or “compatible with” Youha’s breastfeeding devices or services (more about this is below), or (2) that your breast milk was expression using an authentic Youha breastfeeding device, or (3) your interest in Youha’s.


General Brand Usage Guidelines

If you are an authorized Youha distributor or reseller, you should review your agreement with Youha to understand your authorization to use Youha marks.

If you are in the media and need access to Youha’s press kit, please email: YOUHA MARKETING TEAM


Mounts, Accessories, Applications, and Merchandise

Please note that we generally don’t permit use of our marks on mounts, accessories, applications or merchandise (or anything else). Merchandise includes anything you create or build such as: t-shirts, hats, balloons, surfboards, cars, etc. We love your enthusiasm for our products but please don’t put our marks (including word-marks and logos) on your custom creations.

Below are the ways in which you may use the Youha name for this purpose:

Our marks may not be used as part of your product name and must be used in a way that appears less prominent than your product or service name. Your use must not create the impression that Youha endorses, sponsors, approves of, or is in any was associated with your product or service. Please do not use our marks in any way that would damage the marks, be misleading to consumers, or be derogatory to Youha or its goods or services.

In all materials that contain one of the above phrases, you must also make sure the following text appears where it can be seen by someone purchasing such an item: "YOUHA and the YOUHA logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Youha."

Trademarks and Logos for Products, Names, Apps and Websites

Please do not use the Youha Marks in a way that implies partnership, sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement with Youha. A few helpful tips:

  • Avoid trademarks, company names, product or feature names, domain names, or social media handles that are confusingly similar to the Youha Marks, such as those that include the word "You" or "YH" or "Youhe.". Your website or fan-site must not copy the distinctive Youha look and feel, as we do not want anyone to be confused about whether it’s your site or our site.

  • Do not use or display the Youha word marks (such as Youha and YH) more prominently than your company, product, or service name.

  • Do not alter the Youha Marks. "Youha" is our proper name, and it should be capitalized accordingly (not "Youhe," "You He" ). Do not use the Youha Marks as nouns or in the plural or possessive form.

  • Do not use, copy, alter or imitate Youha's logos, trade dress, color scheme, website, products, packaging, icons, marketing materials or photographs. 

  • All uses of the Youha Marks must be truthful and accurate, and not likely to cause confusion as to source, affiliation or association. 

  • Do not use the Youha Marks in a damaging or derogatory way

  • For any documentation or communication only distributed in the Malaysia, use the appropriate trademark symbol ® with the Youha Marks. Do not include trademark symbols on documentation or communication distributed outside of the Malaysia.

Identifying Your Content Made with a Youha breast pump

The content you create is inspiring and we want to make sure that the world can distinguish between content you have created and original content produced by Youha. When sharing any content, either motion or stills, created with your Youha breast pump, tag #Youha in the description and/or title of the content as well.


If you are in the media and need access to Youha’s press kit, please email: YOUHA MARKETING TEAM


Generally, we will not provide written permission for your company to give away Youha products, but if you do, you must follow the Youha Trademark & Brand Policy. You may make factual, truthful statements about the product that you are using in your promotion (e.g., “We are giving away a Youha® Black Series Onyx Double Electric Breast Pump”). Please also include the following statement conspicuously in your promotional material:   “Youha, YH, Relaxed Life Begins from YOUHA and their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Youha Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.. Youha is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion.” If you want to show a picture of the product that you are using in your promotion, please do not use our images (e.g., do not copy or modify images from our website to use in your promotion).


The Youha Trademark & Brand Policy was last updated 1st July 2020, though Youha may revise or update this policy again in the future

We take the protection of our brand very seriously. Authentic Youha products are available worldwide in over 10,000 retail stores. By purchasing your Youha products from an authorized retailer, reseller, or distributor, you are helping us maintain the authenticity of our brand.


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